Rigid Classroom Layouts Are Quickly Becoming History.

Education today is no longer “one size fits all.” No two classrooms, educators or students are alike. The physical classroom is changing; more ergonomic and reconfigurable in its design, it’s adapting to a shifting educational landscape that encompasses creative, collaborative learning as well as independent study. Aesthetically appealing, flexible furniture that allows students to quickly shift tasks or learning modes has become the new norm. The only question for many districts is: Can we afford it? Now you can.

Create an Active Learning Environment

From promoting healthy movement to enhancing collaboration and creativity, education products from Stand Up Desk Store are designed integrate seamlessly into contemporary classrooms while empowering students to become engaged, focused learners.

”My students love their standing desks, and being able to stand with them is very important to me. They listen better and are more attentive this way.”

– Math Teacher at Lied Middle School

Active Students Are Better Students

School districts coast to coast are discovering the quantifiable, research-backed benefits of student standing desks. From enhanced wellness to a boost in performance, the reasons to transform your educational institution into an active learning environment are practically limitless.

Improved Focus, Engagement, & Energy

Studies have shown that endorphin levels rise when a person is active, causing a feeling of alertness, a reduction in stress, as well as more ambition to take on difficult projects. And because standing triples energy expenditure (1) as compared with sitting, it also regulates cortisol levels, a stress hormone that increases with inactivity and has links to depression and decreased energy.

Healthy Movement

In a study conducted by the American Diabetes Association (2), researchers found that participants who alternated between sitting and standing boasted slimmer waistlines, lower BMIs, and healthier fat and blood sugar levels than those who primarily sat. Additional studies have consistently shown that standing reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease (3).

Enhanced Collaboration

In a study (4) from Washington University in St. Louis, researchers found that standing can encourage more creative and collaborative group work.

Fewer Distractions

As more and more schools explore the benefits of Stand Up Desk Store student standing desks, teachers report they are particularly effective with students prone to fidgeting, talking, and other forms of disruptive behavior.

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